To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the School of Bauhaus, YEE SI introduced its first Cube collection, the very first foldable cube shaped purses. The Cube collection consists of two products, Cube Classic and Cube Mini.

Form Follows Function

Bauhaus emphasizes the importance of use of lines and abstract shapes to create simplistic forms, the key value of Bauhaus is form follows function. Cube Classic continues to have the massive interior space like the previous YEE SI purses, with a slightly different appearance.

Color Theory

Although Bauhaus gives people the impression of plain industrial colors, colors used in Bauhaus designs have a greater purpose, which is to elevate the design itself. Cube Classic comes in four varied colors, you can find your perfect match.

Less is More

There is hardly any hardware or decorative details in the Cube collection, all that remains is a simplistic purse in a geometric form. The classic design is elevated by the color and selection of top quality leather. Cube Classic comes with a long strap which can be attached to the handle, offering the option of either a handbag or a crossbody.
Cube Classic comes with a suede pull open pocket which can be taken out and used as a separate bag, the metal handle is also a rectangle, which makes the folding easier and takes up less space.
The quality of leather used on Cube Classic is the same as the Facet and Loop collection, YEE SI avoids heavy use of leather processing in order to keep the leather as natural as possible. As a result, all YEE SI purses have a unique leather texture, soft tactile and great folding resilience of the leather itself.
Cube utilizes high quality equipment from Italy to achieve excellent craftsmanship. Apart from regular leather purses, Cube is entirely heat bonded so it can fold naturally as well as maintaining the shape of the cube. The top stitching is a decorative method to enhance the design. Each Cube purse consists of 11 geometric pieces, each edge needs to be painted over 5 times, one purse undergoes more than 20 procedures in production which makes the length of production of Cube over 5 times longer than regular purses.

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