Cube Mini is another product in the Cube collection, a sister product to Cube Classic. Cube Mini has the same structure and construction as Cube Classic, but is much smaller. Cube Mini comes with an adjustable strap that makes the purse interchangeable, it can be used as a chest bag or function as a belt like an accessory.
Cube Mini comes in a series of vibrant colors, styling with a Cube Mini can immediately elevate the overall appearance of clothing. Cube Mini is very suitable for summer and for streetwear looks.
Although it is so much smaller than other YEE SI purse, Cube Mini still follows the same standards for production. When folded, Cube Mini hardly exceeds 3cm. Which means it is so tiny that a phone cannot be fitted inside, it can carry other things such as keys, credit cards and ID however, just enough for a regular day out.

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