Since its first appearance during NYFW, Facet Mini became the most beloved purse among fashion lovers in New York. Facet Mini sold out as soon as they hit the market, it even caused an upsurge in preordering for over two months. In the midst of the craze Facet Mini created, YEE SI launched a new collection, Facet Classic, an upgraded version that continues the legend of Facet Mini.Unlike the youthfulness and freshness of Facet Mini, Facet Classic appears sophisticated and elegant. The addition of the trapezoid shaped metal handle adds a luxurious hint to the purse, it is inspired by modern architectures’ frames which pairs fabulously with the geometric appearance on the body of the purse. YEE SI selects good alloy metal so that even if the handle oxidizes after a long period of time, it does not show any obvious traces of frequent use. You can select from a series of minimal colors: bordeaux, nude, brown, black, jasper, grey, blue, pink and purple. Facet Classic is more fit for work or important events compared to Facet Mini.


Just like Facet Mini, Facet Classic still maintains the foldable features. The innovation of foldable purses reverses the forms of traditional purses, bringing customers a brand new users experience. With the different features on Facet Classic, you may find other creative ways to play with it.


When you’re traveling, fold it up and stuff it in your suitcase, it will not distort when you take it out. If the purse gets dirty, simply wipe it with a leather cleansing solution, there are no complicated steps in taking care of Facet, it can last for a long time.


The bucket-like body of the purse means more volume, it may seem unbelievable, but the volume is enough to satisfy most people’s requirements. You can put in your phone, keys, wallet and cosmetics without stress.


YEE SI chooses top quality grain leather as the major material, the leather hardly goes through complex processing procedures in order to maintain the natural texture and softness of the leather.Each purse contains 19 pieces of leather precisely cut into geometric shapes and are sewn individually onto the body of the purse, then each edge is painted over 5 times to cover raw leather. Therefore the production of one Facet purse requires over four times longer than the production of a regular purse. As you may notice, there is top stitching on the face of the leather. While most purses’ stitch length is usually 4mm-5mm, YEE SI reduced the stitch length on Facet purses to 2mm, which makes the purse appear exquisitely finished.