Following Facet Classic release, YEE SI finally introduced a product many consumers have been actively asking for: Facet MediumThis tote has all characteristics of Facet Mini and Classic, and has a much larger volume.Maintaining YEE SI’s signature silhouette, Facet Medium uses contrast colored leather for the purse body and the leather pieces over it, creating a color-blocking that is bold and creative. Facet Medium is not 100% feminine; it shows a subtle trace of toughness throughout the design.

Best Travel Companion

Bringing more than one tote on a flight is not an illusion. With the agile folding of Facet Medium, say goodbye to stuffing the purse with clothes or anything else to avoid deformation. Take it out and unfold, your Facet Medium will be suitable as new, even if it is thrown in the very bottom of your suitcase. Best of all, it significantly saves luggage space.

Form Follows Function

The primary function of a tote is to carry everything you need, and Facet Medium promises that. You can put an iPad inside with sufficient spare space for other essentials.

More Ways to Play

There are some slight counterparts modified on Facet Medium, such as the handle. There are unlimited ways to style your Facet Medium: Top handle, shoulder bag, crossbody…