Facet Micro is the tiniest purse in the YEE SI purse family up to now. You will be astonished at how this petite purse not only serves looks but also functions just the same as other YEE SI purses. There are three different products in this collection, Facet Micro-, Facet Micro, and Facet Micro+, offering a wide range of styles and colors.

Redefining Accessories

Many accessories are just ornamentations; however, Facet Micro purses are different, you will never misplace small items, such as your AirPod or change. 

Facet Micro- was originally an improvised product to match with Facet Medium, it follows the Facet Medium color scheme and has a removable mini strap. Facet Micro- functions as a purse charm or keychain to highlight your purse and contain some small items that easily get lost inside a large purse.

Facet Micro is an updated version of Facet Micro-, it also comes with a stainless steel chain strap which can be adjusted to different lengths, the chain adds a fashionable and expensive sense to Facet Micro, yet it will never tarnish. Facet Micro not only can be used as a purse, but also can be worn as a necklace, wristband, belt accessory, and much more. Many people own AirPod nowadays, and Facet Micro is perfect for placing AirPod conveniently. Many other designers made AirPod boxes, but none of them are as stylish as Facet Micro.

If you’re looking for something a bit larger, Facet Micro+ is the right choice. The dimensions are about 4”x4”, it will be able to fit a lipstick or compact as well as AirPod. It comes with the same chain as Facet Micro, but it is linked on both ends of the purse.

Color Choices

Just like Facet Medium, Facet Micro- is composed of contrast color-blocking leather, which makes it an eye-catching accessory. If you don’t like the color blocking combinations, then Facet Micro has four colors that will blow your mind away:

Red: Red is such a vibrant color for celebrations such as Valentine’s Day; it is also an essential color in many cultures. Dressed from head to toe in red might seem like trying too hard, but an accessory in red can immediately highlight an ordinary garment and make your look stand out among the crowd. 

Green: Facet Micro in neon green is probably the most eye-catching choice, it’s vividness adds a touch of glee to plain outfits. 

Silver: Give yourself a break from the abundance of colors, bright silver stands apart from saturated colors, just like a blank space in a fast-paced life. You will need that blank space, just as you will need Facet Micro in silver. 

Black: The crisp lines of the purse shows gently under the black leather when reflected under the light. Having a formal, calm black accessory in the closet is always a must for different occasions.Facet Micro+ comes in three subtle colors for everyday looks: cream white, lime green and lipstick red.

Beige: A hushed version of bright white, very elegant for work and formal occasions. Beige accessories are perfect for you if the majority of your closet is dark.

Pale Green: Pale green is a very youthful and energetic color, not as loud as neon green; it is a perfect option for spring.

Carmine: Probably the most feminine color choice in the Facet Micro family, young ladies go crazy for this color, carmine makes you feel like falling in love.

Skilled Craftsmanship as Standard

Although the Facet Micro collection is so miniature compared to the other purses in the Facet collection, YEE SI is very strict about structure. structure. Facet Micro undergoes the same production processes as other Facet purses, made of 100% cowhide, and lined with soft suede. Additionally, there’s a magnetic strip closure at the opening. YEE SI chooses the same stitching standards that luxury watches use for Facet Micro purses to ensure that even as a small accessory, they have a decent lifespan. Facet Micro is also foldable, opening up a new world in the Facet collection. All the Facet Micro purses are priced much below the other styles. If you’re a trendsetter and likes to go out with as little stuff as possible, Facet micro purses are made for you.