What kind of accessory has the ability to transition from three dimensional to two dimensional in just a second? You might have seen it many times on the streets during Fashion Weeks, carried by different celebrities, bloggers and models.This is the Facet collection from YEE SI, the one and only brand in the world licensed to produce functional foldable handbags. Facet Mini is adored by celebrities and fashion bloggers such as Annie Yi, Holly Pan and Chris Lavish, they use it to complete their looks at fashion events. Popsugar also voted Facet as the hottest fashion accessory for NYFW.Facet Collection refers to the sides of multidimensional objects, inspired by the structures of contemporary architectural space and paper origami. The combination of the two concepts resulted in Facet’s interchangeable form and foldable silhouette, making it more of an interesting art piece than just a bag. The simple lines, geometric panels and vivid colors gives Facet Mini a unique aesthetic which other purses do not have, witness the transitional movements shift from flat surfaces to three dimensions when you fold the bag.

All interesting people carry Facet Mini. Interaction is YEE SI products’ most important highlight, Facet Mini can double function as a toy to pass time. Show us how you Facet Mini by playing with it! 


Facet Mini is travel friendly, it takes up minimal space in a suitcase yet will hardly distort even when the suitcase is tightly packed. Fold it up and shove it in your suitcase, you’re good to hit the road!


At first glance the geometric designs make the bag appear visually small, but it is not dainty; When you open Facet, you will discover that there is enough interior space to carry all your essentials for work or simply for going out.


Facet Mini comes with an adjustable leather strap, paired with the original strap, you can wear it as a shoulder bag, cross body or just carry it as a handbag. Facet Mini is simple yet elegant, it goes extremely well with anything so the options for styling is infinite.


Top quality full grain leather is selected as the main material, each Facet Mini bag consists of 19 pieces of leather, 66 edges hand painted. Every edge is painted over 4 times, which means each bag is painted over 264 times. Usually leather purses maintain a stitch length of 4-5mm on average, but to ensure quality, YEE SI has reduced the stitch length to 2mm, enforcing the strength of every piece when it is folded so that the life cycle of the purses can last longer.

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