The best present for your most beloved her, no matter if she is your mother, your daughter or your partner. Give her Facet Young on International Women’s Day, in the name of love and respect.
Facet Young is YEE SI’s very first mother-daughter purse, released in Spring 2020. This purse is dedicated to celebrating feminism and showing our respect to women because of how amazing they are. We chose dreamy pastel colors for Facet Young and adjusted the size of the purse to make it more appealing to the younger generation, at the same time we replaced the metal handle with soft leather to decrease the weight of the purse. There is absolutely no hardware in Facet Young, eliminating the adrogneous and coldness of the purse, leaving it with youthfulness and softness.
The bright, energetic aesthetic of Facet Young is the perfect match for spring season. Like a blooming flower, it brings a sweet aroma to anyone who is carrying it. Facet Young also acts like the cherry on top for basic outfits.

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