Futuristic rocks inspire the Rock collection. .The addition of a glazed layer of glossy paint over the leather body makes the appearance smooth and reflective as a mirror, with bright, saturated pigments. 

Weirdest Shapes Beyond Imagination

With a pinch, you can transform Rock Mini into interesting shapes.

New Ways to Play 

Not only can it function as a handbag, but adjusting the length of the strap also can become a shoulder bag and remove it to the wristlet bag.

Easy Maintenance 

Rock Mini continues to have the same quality materials as previous collections. The glazed surface is waterproof. When the surface gets dirty, you only need to take a damp cloth and wipe it. The addition of the glaze also increases Rock Mini’s moisture repellent ability, and it’ll have a longer life than other purses. Every edge of every single piece of leather that makes Rock Mini is painted over five times to cover up raw leather, Rock Mini is beautifully worked inside out like the other purses, which makes Rock Mini turn out as tough as a rock.