yee si by YEE SI|Angle collection

For designers, liberty represents the infinite possibilities of design. All the words are transited into works. As a medium, liberty establishes the relationship between humans and bags and expresses designers' desire for freedom and boundlessness. yee si by YEE SI's new Angle collection is not much about as an attempt for a makeover but as a spiritual product of the designers chasing boundless creation.

Continuing the core folding design concept of the YEE SI brand, the exterior lines reflect the bag body's construction. It not only retained the ultimate sense of design but also satisfied the aesthetic sense of the bag body as a wholeFor the Angel collection, the exterior lines represent the bag construction's stability, and the surface layer shows the cortex's softness. Unlike the previous collections from YEE SI, the Angel collection chose the softest high-end head layer cowhide, which feels like soft sheepskin. The bag's unique structure design can maintain the stable three-dimensional sense of the bag body and pretty good plasticity.

To our outstanding designers, it is pleasant to have the quality of craftsman spirit. Two of the principles are the pursuit of perfection and the persistence of the ideal.

Often, the more delicate and concise design can attract people's minds. This feeling can be felt in the YEE SI design that the delicacy of Angle Small is embodied in the "minimalist" design concept.

We try our best to minimize the appearance's excessive decoration and functional configuration. Instead, we put more thoughts and energy into the pursuit of ultimately balanced aesthetics. The design language is compelling without the slightest bit of superfluous embellishment. Every existing line has its meaning.

The continuation of the folding concept requires designers to constantly seek breakthroughs on the road of innovation. Despite the simplicity of Angle Small's appearance, the production time cost is many times higher than that of ordinary shoulder bags.

People are more attractive from a distance, which produces beauty. But the connection between people and bags can be established through beauty.

The eyes, the most intuitive sense organs, of course, are the impact of the visual senses. Angel Small's beauty lies in its reasonable satisfaction that the structural lines are used as the core highlight of the whole bag body, presenting layers in its appearance. The position that the small square hardware is at cleverly joins the bag body and shoulder strap. It is a comfortable excess without breaking the overall visual sense of simplicity.

The charm of modern women comes more from their own values. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the insistence on perfection, and the yearning for beauty are all parts of their independence.

There are various different possibilities, and labels all belong to modern women. For instance, the easy switch of multiple identities in life seems to play "The Sims." Perhaps it is their way of following their hearts, creating infinite possibilities in life, and chasing liberty!