yee si by YEE SI|Click collection

Are you an office lady who works a regular 9-5 job from Monday to Friday, like many others? Time management on a workday can be tedious, but don’t worry, our newest yee si Click collection (yee si by YEE SI is YEE SI’s latest sister line) is here to help. Seize the important moments in the day, yee si Click will make them sparkle.

“Four highlighted moments among the 24 hours of a day are under my control.”

9AM: Clock in

Time to start a new day of work in a good mood! Dressing in freshly cleaned new clothes can significantly lift your spirits, especially when paired with a quality handbag. Baguette bags are on trend this summer since they appear very vintage yet cute and small. Stay on trend with yee si Click Medium, yee si by YEE SI’s new product. Click Medium is a handbag that understands modern office lady’s needs. Though Baguette bags are popular, they have disadvantages, such as looking too casual or quickly losing their shape. Click Medium has the solution on the pain points: the linear outlines of the silhouette gives Click Medium a professional appeal, with a gently curved handle that adds some femininity in visual contrast. There are hardly any design details on Click Medium, nothing excessive, perfect for a minimalist.YEE SI’s signature feature is the ability to fold, for the Click collection, we developed a new method of folding: the bag opening contains a magnetic stripe, it folds down to a close, securing the bag opening without the fuss of a zipper. Click Medium is slightly longer and wider than regular baguette bags since we value function as much as appearance. Anything that’ll be needed in the office can fit in, no matter if it’s a mini water bottle or tri-fold umbrella. The stiff leather used for Click Medium ensures that the bag will never lose its shape after being fully stuffed. 

10: 30AM: On the business

Half-past ten is a point in time when work intensifies in the day. It might be time for an important business meeting, might be when a journalist interviews a well-known celebrity, or might be the time an executive boards the plane for a business trip. No matter what the scenario is, professional women should have a good tote bag to carry everything needed for work.

Tote bags are always an essential part of a collection for many luxury brands, especially this year. An oversized tote bag is very convenient, it helps you to always be prepared, never forgetting necessities behind. A good tote bag needs to have durability, yet it will be a plus if it compliments your style, just like Click Tote. Click Tote is a rectangular shaped tote in vertical placement, which means it can easily fit tall items that most tote bags cannot do. The massive volume is the best part about Click Tote, it’s just like a magic pocket. No matter if you need to bring a 16” laptop for work during a flight, or a 20-page presentation for your next meeting or even both, Click Tote makes it possible. Click Tote comes in two subtle colors that are suitable for the office: cappuccino and dark blue. 

The simplistic silhouette composed of sharp corners and straight lines accentuates a woman’s elegance and confident attitude. Don’t underestimate Click Tote. Not only can it be taken to the office, but you can also use it as your shopping bag, travel bag, or just for daily use. The new material we use for Click collection is top layer leather with a woven inspired texture, it has a unique visual appeal and incredible sensation, making Click Tote comparable to luxury handbags, with a fraction of the price. 

3:15 PM: Coffee break

After an exhausting morning, wind down and treat yourself to some great coffee or afternoon tea with your best friends. When women hang out together, the latest fashion trends is an unavoidable topic. Stand out among your friends and show them what’s in with Click Small. Click Small is the must-have for fashionistas: it has perfect proportions, small details such as the intertwined long and short straps, making Click Small stand out among other handbags in the collection. Unlike Click Medium, Click Small has a youthful appeal. It may not appear as formal as the Click Medium, but contains a sense of simplistic femininity. This is what makes Click Small special. In three colors that are easy to style, Click Small can go with your outfit for any occasion. 

9: 00 PM: Date night

Wrap up your day by sharing the evening with someone you love, switch from work mode to date night with Click Mini. This handbag was released this summer and immediately captured YEE SI customers’ hearts with its adorable appearance and vibrant colors. This time we added three new color choices for the winter collection in the same woven textured leather used in Click Tote. Among the new colors, Statue white-Rice is developed from thousands of tones of whites and greys. It’s not insipid like blank white nor appears unclean like cream white, genuinely unique color, but not too sophisticated.At the same time, Click Mini has an additional feature, the trapezoid-shaped metal handle, which can be tucked inside the purse. Therefore, Click Mini can be used as a clutch, a handbag, and a shoulder bag with the strap. With the option to be used in three different ways, slay the workplace with Click Mini in the morning, and become the most dazzling woman in the bar at night. Click Mini is the perfect gift for young college graduates, as a present to celebrate a new chapter in life.