yee si by YEE SI is our latest sister line. If we compare YEE SI to a woman who has a strong desire towards a decently designed purse, yee si is a girl who is wildly imaginative when it comes to her accessories. yee si by YEE SI utilizes the simplistic aesthetic of previous designs, continues the use of lines and geometry, but develops variable innovations. 

Different from YEE SI purses hardcore folding techniques, yee si pursues grants more imaginative space. We boldly carried out interesting design details such as partial folding, weaving, pleating, textures and prints, which integrates creativity and luxury fashion, a more satisfying option that doubles as a toy for girls in modern society.Click Mini is the first purse in yee si by YEE SI’s collection; the flipped opening of the purse is the most attractive focal point; it has multiple intellectual protections.

Inspired by kids’ origami games, the bag opens and closes by being folded. A design like this is convenient to use, light to carry and seals securely. Click is like a hard candy wrapped in a rosy pink or cream-yellow wrapper, with a surprise center waiting to be revealed. 

Nowadays, young women pay much attention to their looks, no matter going on a date or hanging out with their besties. A sweet, girly look can never be wrong, but how much “sweetness” is considered enough?

Rosy Pink

Pink is always a classic favorite; it represents romance and femininity; it is a color loved by not only girls but also some guys.

Cream Yellow

Cream yellow is lightly saturated, falls between lemon yellow and pale yellow. Compared to hyper bright Meyer lemon yellow and boring yellow ochre, cream yellow is soft and pleasing to the eyes. Just like a blend of milk and honey, cream yellow gives out warmth and sweetness; it makes you feel like tasting the feeling of first love. 

The colors gently saturated make Click Mini suitable for dates. Click Mini doesn’t seem over the top but shows affection; it’s whimsical and attractive aesthetic vibes well with a date night and helps you match your look to win the heart of your date!

All yee si by YEE SI purses are made of the same materials under the same manufacturer. Although Click Mini’s body doesn’t have any folding ability, the seams on the body are always sewn with 2mm stitches continuously to strengthen the leather, so it can carry whatever you choose to put in the purse. It seems small, but there’s enough volume inside to carry everything for a date night. The closure on top is magnetic, you’ll never have to fuss with a zipper anymore, and it’ll just be as secure. The metal handle can be taken out or folded inside the purse, you choose.