Following Facet Mini’s and Classic’s successes, YEE SI soon developed a sister product of Facet Mini, Facet Mini Slim, a purse with the same size but with an entirely different color scheme and style. It is the first time YEE SI has replaced the standard strap with a leather drawstring, making Mini Slim appear visually lighter than the other purses. The leather drawstring is passed through a set of holes at the purse opening; users can determine how they want to carry the purse by adjusting the length of the drawstring. Mini Slim is very friendly towards girls with all heights. It can be used as a crossbody when the drawstring is pulled to the end. Additionally, it can be worn as a shoulder bag or wristlet when the drawstring is shortened to overlap or even knotted to add a little spice to the purse. Mini Slim comes in three brand new and ice cream inspired colors that are girly and energetic:

Color Palette

Lavender - Always a popular color amongst younger consumers, lavender is less saturated than taro but not an insipid color at all. It softens the futuristic silhouette of Mini Slim and makes it dreamy and sweet like ice cream. 

Pistachio - Pistachio is a magical color, it’s freshness takes away the heat of a hot summer day, bringing a fresh breeze to outfits. Pistachio is a natural color to wear, especially for girls with darker skin. Just like a pistachio ice cream, Facet Mini Slim in pistachio can lift spirits instantly.

Carmine - Compared to lavender and pistachio, carmine is a bold and energetic color. It can reflect a healthy skin complexion. The amount of pink and red in carmine combined adds just a bit of sexiness and shyness to a sweet-looking outfit.

Luxurious appearance, affordable pricing

You will discover that Mini Slim can carry everything you need on a trip, but will not feel heavy when you take it. The leather drawstring is made of the same quality leather as the purse body and sewn with 2mm per inch stitches, just like the rest of the purse. YEE SI maintains the soft texture of the rawhide while processing and dyeing the leather, although the straps are narrow, it’ll not create discomfort to your shoulders when the purse is loaded. There is zero hardware on Facet Mini Slim, you can close the purse firmly with the magnetic strip closure embedded underneath the lining and will never need to fuss with a zipper anymore. Mini Slim folds the same way as Facet Mini and Classic. When it is collapsed, you can wrap the drawstring around the purse and put it in your suitcase for travel.