YEE SI is an independent designer brand from NYC, founded in 2017 by two graphic designers who have gained numerous rewards, such as TDC, ADC, and SEGD. Their vision is to transform the way people consume: inspiring them to buy less but better. YEE SI believes that innovative accessories that can influence consumers’ lifestyles are the future. They aim to redefine the modern handbags to reduce the headache of handbags' various options by providing a sustainable, functional, and beautiful alternative. YEE SI’s objective is to encourage consumers to use their products for work, travel and date instead of buying more than one bag for every single occasion. YEE SI wants to promote a more sustainable lifestyle achieved by consuming less and self-conscious shopping. 

YEE SI is the first to create all-product foldable handbags that are travel-friendly. They specialized in designing foldable handbags by geometries and linear, transforming from a flat surface to three dimensions in a second. When the bag collapses, the space it takes up decreases by 70%, the thickness is less than 2’’. Brilliant and geometric markings on the leather create a unique pattern and, crucially, allow the bag to fold down seamlessly to a flat. YEE SI’s bags are the ubiquitous bags - the fashionable and functional option to replace other bags on different occasions YEE SI practices. Once folded, the bag fits into your suitcase, drawer, or closet, encouraging it to be kept close and used in ad-hoc traveling and other events. 

You will be attracted by YEE SI’s product-appearance at first glance, hence amazed by how flexible it folds. YEE SI aims to serve consumers, regardless of gender, age or occupation. There will always be a perfect option for everyone. Their designs are geometrically inspired, which contributes to the foldable ability and makes the body of the handbag sturdy enough to maintain its original structure when it’s not being applied. YEE SI is minimalistic oriented, and the handbags don’t contain any excessive details or messy prints. The wide range of colors suggests unisexuality that can easily be styled with any outfit, matching luxury handbags’ fashion aesthetic. Different collections come in a variety of silhouettes, colors and sizes. 

On the one hand, YEE SI keeps a record of design elements and colors trending every season to incorporate in designs. On the other hand, YEE SI is stringent on quality. Each style results from continuous experiments, long hours of calculation, research and numerous improvements to come up with the most scientific folding formula. YEE SI chooses the finest materials, very advanced machinery and equipment with precise craftsmanship used by luxury brands for YEE SI’s handbags to have the durability to be used for a long time. You might think YEE SI charges a lot for the designs, but instead, they are priced at a moderate price range because YEE SI believes that good designs should be affordable for every consumer. 

YEE SI's products have been popular among bloggers and celebrities in and around New York since its launch in 2017. YEE SI was invited to show designers’ collaborations during NYFW and officially promoted by NYFW’s media platforms. YEE SI received huge press exposure later on: the products exhibited at Pairs Design Week; Japan NHK TV interviewed the designers; nominated as the “Most Popular Designer Brand” at Beijing Design Week and also featured on Vogue Business, ELLE, Popsugar, Refinery 29, Wallpaper, Designboom and other well-known publications. 

In the third year in the fashion industry, YEE SI has come a long way to achieve what was promised to consumers. The journey consisted of days and nights of brainstorming and discussion, countless communications with factories for quality assurance, and serious consideration of every customer’s feedback. As a young brand, YEE SI still has a lot to learn, but they are overcoming difficulties imposed upon themselves with the love for design as they aim to provide every lovely consumer with their favorite products. YEE SI devotes all the passion, love and effort to produce the best designs.